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A user-friendly decentralized payment network, leveraging smart contracts for accessible blockchain payments. Simplifying the blockchain experience for all users.

Unleashing Innovation

Beyond Transactions


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Product Feature

UPYY addresses these challenges, forging a payment system that seamlessly integrates the advantages of blockchain technology while upholding the familiar user experience.

Select your UPYY account address with ease, ensuring security without compromise—just like setting up an email account.

Named accounts

Enjoy the convenience of UPYY by seamlessly incorporating all familiar payment methods, from NFC and QR code/barcode scanning to scheduled payments, ensuring a versatile and user-friendly payment experience.


Elevate the security of substantial transactions on UPYY through non-custodial escrow, offering optional arbitrator intervention and multi-signature permission. Your peace of mind, our priority


Make payments even when you are offline and and cannot access the internet.

Offline payments

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UPYY charts a new course, expanding its influence beyond transactions to redefine the financial landscape.


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